How to improve the organization of agricultural production and cooperation?

How to improve the organization of agricultural production and cooperation?

ZSV, in cooperation with a start-up in the field of agriculture, is opening new doors that will contribute to cooperatives and farmers in production and trade.

Turbulent prices of agricultural products, droughts, plant diseases, events on the world market are just some of the factors that make work in the agricultural sector difficult. Well-organized cooperation, that is, correct cooperation between storekeepers and farmers, is the first prerequisite for reducing all the above-mentioned risks, which ultimately leads to an increase in the profits of both parties.

Modern technology and fast communication systems today can facilitate the exchange of important information between storekeepers and farmers. The Cooperative Union of Vojvodina (ZSV), as an organization whose goal is to improve cooperatives, always follows modern world trends that can contribute to the basic goal.

It is for this reason that an Agreement on Business Cooperation was signed in the premises of ZSV with the startup company Cooperation Manager, which developed a platform for communication between storekeepers and subcontractors.

Improves and facilitates  production and trade

Cooperation Manager enables easy and fast trading of agricultural products, as well as the exchange of all other information that is essential for quality agricultural production.

According to the director and one of the founders of the startup Saša Bajić, Cooperation Manager is already recognized by leading companies in Serbia as a platform that will be an irreplaceable tool for companies that are seriously engaged in cooperation and that want to have a quality relationship with their partners.

The platform allows that in addition to trading, the cooperative can quickly and easily inform its farmers about current crop treatment recommendations and other offers they have.

Modern technology – the future of agriculture

During the signing of the Agreement, the President of ZSV Jelena Nestorov Bizonj pointed out that the future of agriculture lies in the increasing application of modern technologies and that the goal of signing the Agreement is to place Vojvodina Cooperatives in the position of leaders in the application of advanced technologies.

“With this agreement, we are putting ourselves in the active role of creators of modern solutions in agriculture and cooperatives, and we also provide our members with more favorable conditions for access to them,” she emphasized.

The aim of signing the Agreement is to put Vojvodina Cooperatives in the position of leaders in the application of advanced technologies, Nestorov Bizonj said.

Cooperation Manager was declared one of the 25 most promising startups in the Balkans and is the leading solution of this type in Europe. The solution allows cooperatives to send all relevant information to the phone of their subcontractors at any time. On the other hand, cooperative members receive important information in real time and can trade or ask questions regarding trade, plant protection, etc.

In cooperation with ZSV, an organization with a long tradition, it aims to strengthen cooperatives and increase their positive impact on the growth and development of farmers, and thus the cooperatives themselves.

The first Serbian startup in this area

Cooperation Manager is the first Serbian startup in the field of trade in agricultural products. Founded in October 2021, it already records cooperation with some of the most important companies in Serbian agriculture. He received development support from the Innovation Fund, the Startek program (financed by Philip Morris) and the Science and Technology Park in Novi Sad.

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