Improving the process of communication with farmers

Improving the process of communication with farmers 

Organizing cooperation requires exceptional commitment and a good team in order to maintain communication with farmers at a high level. When numbers of farmers you work with rises, jobs multiply.  That is why we created Agrines, a platform that helps companies engaged in trade of grains, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, and their commercial partners and farmers to improve cooperation in a simple and fast way and bring it to a higher level.

Building trust between buyers of agricultural products and farmers is a process that takes time. A correct relationship on both sides is crucial and quality communication is the basis of everything.

We can see today that the use of digital communication has overtaken face-to-face in all spheres of life. We can debate whether each of these changes are bad or good, but history shows that all past industrial revolutions, despite all their positive and negative sides, have had great impact on economy, moving it forward, and that is the case with digital revolution, too.

Everyday digital communication is especially accepted by new generations. Majority of industries use it widely. However, that is not the case with agriculture, which appears to be a bit skeptical about it. Our clients, buyers of agricultural products, however, have confirmed that all those claiming that farmers ‘’won’t’’ or even worse, ‘’can’t’’ use modern software solutions in trading are simply wrong.

If a digital tool, such as Agrines, makes the decision- making process easier for a farmer, saving them time in the communication with the warehouse they cooperate with, they will accept it very quickly and use it actively.

Between 80% and 90% of farmers who have the access to Agrines are using the application actively.

On the other hand, buyers of agricultural products maximize the effects of their work, allowing one employee to inform hundreds or thousands of cooperators about the products and services they provide within a few minutes. Purchase prices, organization of procurement and advice from  agronomists multiply income, which creates free time for employees who can then actively undertake other activities.

Agrines helps buyers of agricultural products to create a difference in service between them and the competition, raising the cooperative relationship to a new level. Also, Agrines optimizes management of all processes within the purchasing point, warehouse or agricultural pharmacy.

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