Cooperation Manager – Software for trade in agricultural products

Cooperation Manager – Software for trade in agricultural products

Cooperation Manager is a software for electronic communication between storekeepers (traders) and their subcontractors (agricultural producers and suppliers), related to trade in agricultural products, primarily grains and oilseeds. The software solution (software platform + mobile application) is aimed at digitizing the sales process between traders and simplifying communication with subcontractors, thereby increasing revenues and reducing sales costs for both parties. The ultimate goal is to create software in which users will track the manipulation of goods from the field through the warehouse to the end customer, as well as money from the bank, through the merchant to the farmer, even without paperwork.



The key markets are the market of Serbia and the region, and the special focus will be on European countries, which are large producers of agricultural products, grains and oilseeds such as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia… Use of software does not require major adjustments compared to the domestic market. Clients are legal entities (warehouses), while they provide their subcontractors with the application without financial compensation.



The team members have decades of experience in trading grains and oilseeds, through the management of the only commodity exchange of agricultural products in the Balkans. Knowledge of the market, trading and working with subcontractors created an advantage for understanding and successful product promotion. One of the key members of the team has 16 years of work experience in the IT sector and since 2005 is the owner and founder of a company that provides IT, engineering and consulting services.



The prototype started to be used on the domestic market. Cooperation was agreed with the first four clients, who cooperate with 600 to 5,000 subcontractors (potential end users). There is no similar application in Europe, while in America it has existed since 2017 and is developing extremely successfully.



The software is developed until the moment when it can be offered to the market and meet the needs of the client. Further improvements and creation of new options are ongoing. Sales on the domestic market are ongoing, and the team is currently working on establishing contacts with potential partners in foreign markets. An investor who has the opportunity to help in the placement of products on foreign markets is welcome, and he can achieve his benefit by acquiring a share in ownership.