Agrines, the Leading Agricultural Platform, Proudly Announces the Launch of “My Agronomist” Module

Agrines, the Leading Agricultural Platform, Proudly Announces the Launch of "My Agronomist" Module

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Artificial Intelligence


Novi Sad, 17th July 2023 – Agrines, the leading agricultural platform, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest module, “My Agronomist.” This groundbreaking addition establishes a seamless integration of artificial intelligence within the Agrines platform, providing farmers with cutting-edge agricultural advice and personalized recommendations.


“My Agronomist” represents a significant leap forward in leveraging artificial intelligence’s power to revolutionize how farmers optimize their operations. By harnessing AI technology, this innovative module analyzes crucial data points such as crop information, weather conditions, and common agricultural challenges. Based on these insights, “My Agronomist” generates tailor-made recommendations, empowering farmers to make informed decisions and enhance their production outcomes.


At Agrines, we believe that artificial intelligence is a game-changer in the agricultural industry. Its transformative capabilities have the potential to significantly boost efficiency, productivity, and sustainability throughout the farming process. By merging vast datasets, analytical prowess, and rapid algorithms, AI can reshape how we approach land cultivation, crop management, weather prediction, irrigation optimization, and chemical reduction. Miloš Janjić, co-founder of Agrines, firmly believes that embracing AI technology will empower farmers with innovative tools and solutions, enabling them to achieve higher yields while minimizing environmental impact. “Through continued advancements in the Agrines platform and our investment in AI development, Agrines is at the forefront of revolutionizing agriculture, enabling farmers to unlock their full potential in the digital era,” stated Janjić.


Accessing “My Agronomist” is seamless and intuitive, ensuring farmers can effortlessly utilize its capabilities within the Agrines platform. Whether seeking answers to specific agricultural queries or real-time advice, this groundbreaking tool is designed to empower farmers to optimize their operations swiftly and effectively.


“My Agronomist” represents just one of the many valuable features the Agrines platform offers our esteemed users. By merging top-notch technology, agricultural expertise, and strong farmer relationships, Agrines continues to set new industry standards, propelling digital transformation within the Serbian farming community and beyond.


Join the Agrines community and experience the power of “My Agronomist” today. To learn more, visit our website at or contact our dedicated team at [email protected] or LinkedIn. Let Agrines be your trusted partner in achieving agricultural excellence and maximizing your farming success.


Together, we cultivate a brighter future for agriculture.17