Agriculture and Artificial Intelligence – What It Brings

A lot of people in agriculture will have to change jobs in the near future. There will be a big change in the structure of the workforce, especially in the area of services and consulting. The reason for this is the  practical application of artificial intelligence that is about to happen.


The term “artificial intelligence” first appeared in the 50’s of the last century. Since then, leading top scientists around the world have been working on its improvement so that it could be put into practice. For ordinary people, artificial intelligence is an imaginary thing that might happen in the distant future, which, they belive, will not have any effect on them. This relates especially to agriculture that is, compared to other branches of industry, only at the beginning of digitalization.


However, artificial intelligence is already tangible, it is here, ready to change our lives forever.


You have probably heard of “ChatGPT” chatbot (if you haven’t, try to “talk” to it, you will be surprised). It is a computer programme designed to communicate with human users in an almost natural way; a system that will give you explanations or advice on different situations or problems you are facing and it does all that in an amazingly natural way. 

It is a trial version and it can say a lot. It was developed by a startup company OpenAI, whose members of the board of directors were Elon Musk (founder of “Tesla”) and one of the world’s largest IT companies, Microsoft. They invested one billion dollars and are currently negotiating over a new tranche of additional ten billion dollars. I believe this speaks volumes about the potential of the technology, Microsoft itself being aware of it.


Possibilities for the application of this technology are numerous. Consultants, advisors, lecturers, traders – employees in these areas will all initially benefit from the help of this technology, but very soon it will assume the role of a direct interlocutor with those who need these services. And this is going to happen very soon. The basis has been created. With the resources created for further development, we can say the fine tuning is all that is left to be done. The connection of artificial intelligence with cooperation management systems, sensors, drones… will give a completely new dimension to the organization of agricultural production.


We are on the threshold of a new era in all segments of our lives. Artificial intelligence will surely jump the line and get into agriculture and we will not wait long for it. It will represent a new industrial revolution that will, like all the previous ones, have a great impact, both positive and negative, on the whole society.

Big changes and adjustments of companies, individuals and state systems are expected to happen.


Serbian startup Agrines has developed a software that enables agriculture companies to organize their cooperation in a more efficient way.  The software connects cooperation between farmers allowing them faster and easier communication, trade and counseling in the field of plant protection, optimizing at the same time the process of documenting all information related to the entry of goods, warehouse management and sales. Digitalization is an ongoing process, the next step is artificial intelligence.


We believe that companies and individuals must look ahead and understand what is expected in the future. Success belongs to those who build the future and those who understand the changes. We are building a system that will help everyone in agriculture to increse their potential, pointing all along to the changes that are inevitable.